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Crispycat Recordings issue the recordings of Edinburgh based musician and artist, David Reilly, who has operated under various names since 1977 and as Cloudland Blue Quartet (CBQ) since 1996.

His work as CBQ is available to stream for free, or to download on a “name your price” basis, exclusively on Bandcamp

Enquiries re his pre 1996 output can be made via the contact page.

David also broadcasts the “Cloudland Blue Eclectic Selection“, weekly on Mixcloud.  The show has been running since 2014 and highlights items from his extensive music collection.  You can read an interview with David about his music and his broadcasting, given in the summer of 2021, here.

David also uses the broadcasts to preview own works in progress, or to highlight his back catalogue.

Each show in 2022 will open with a track from one the 52 CBQ LPs available on Bandcamp as at 1st January.

Volume 18 opens with “Where Are You”, from the 2005 album “Deeperdown” and also features, as the closing track, David’s recent solo rendition of the classic, “Moon River”…

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