01/12/2022 David

2022 to see the re-release of Creek’s back catalogue

In his early posts of 2022 over on the Cloudland Blue blog, David has revealed he is working on a project re the long deleted back catalogue recordings of Edinburgh electronic improvisational quartet, Creek, the majority of which was only ever available on cassette from Reptile Records back in the late ’90s.

It seems there is a plan, throughout 2022, which will see the 25th anniversary of Creek (their first session took place on 1 June 1997), to make all of the band’s sessions available on Bandcamp, joining their 2004 LP “Somewhere Between” on the platform.  That record is, currently, the only available item from the group’s output.

The quartet has never officially disbanded, although its quarter of a century history contains multi-year periods of inactivity.

There has been no fully new material recorded since 2015 – and not all of the four members, David, Craig Sutherland (aka Edward Spark), Stuart Cobley (Capital Models) and Alan Brodie (ex-Disco Complex, Love Parade, Dancers of San Martino, Boom & Crazy Wisdom) have appeared on all the recordings to be re-issued.

An initial introductory release is mooted, tentatively entitled “Fake Leopard Coat”, comprising two new 2022 mixes, featuring elements of a further ten tracks to be included in the collection, one piece recorded or remixed in each of the 10 years in which the group has been active, in one form or another (1997-99, 2003-05, 2011, 2015, 2018-19).

As ever with Creek though, it’s very much a case of “watch this space” as, while David has noted this project to be his “intention”, he has also noted that this undertaking will involve “a shitload of work, so it may not come to fruition”.