05/29/2021 David

25 Years of Cloudland Blue Quartet : Two New Albums Out 4 June 2021

On Friday 4 June, Crispycat will celebrate 25 years since the first release by Cloudland Blue Quartet, “Events One and Two” (still available on Bandcamp).

“Silversongs 1996-2021 (Remakes)” comprises over 30 “band version” (vocal, guitar, keyboards, bass, rhythm bed) re-recordings of some of the best CBQ songs from each of the 10 song based albums released to date.

For downloaders, there are three extra tracks from the sessions, plus a 16 song live acoustic performance, coincidentally recorded ten years to the day prior to these new releases, on 4 June 2011.

Meanwhile, “Silversounds 1996-2021 (Remixes)” takes edits of 30 soundscapes recorded over the last 25 years and applies recent working methods to them to create brand new tracks.

Bonuses for downloaders comprise the 30 edits used as source material for the new recordings.

All in all then, 110 new CBQ tracks being added to the Bandcamp discography.