07/02/2021 David

Cloudland Blue Quartet releases “Haydn”, 5th in the “classical” series

On Friday 2 July, Crispycat releases the latest in Cloudland Blue Quartet’s “Classical ” series, “Haydn”.

These new recordings follow on from CBQ’s previous LPs “Satie”, “Cage”, “Beethoven” & “Schoenberg Webern Berg”. The inspiration for this new work was, initially, the music of Steve Reich.

The original idea was to phase short phrases from a piano piece, a string quartet and a symphony by manipulating tempi across 5 or 6 loops.

The bonus tracks in the download bundle (virtual 5CD set) allow you to hear how the idea changed as the work progressed.

While the piano piece remains almost the same across the 3 versions, the 1st & 3rd pieces became more ambient than phased.

The LP also features a 54 min field recording, made in Dresden on 19 June 2019.

David has said that he holds the final versions of the 1st & 3rd pieces on this LP to be among some of the best ambient works he’s created over the last 44 years.

We hope you enjoy all three of these new works – on headphones, with the lights out, of course!