09/03/2021 David

Cloudland Blue Quartet’s new ambient LP, “Coldclear”, Out today

The new CBQ ambient album “Coldclear” is out today.  Here’s what David had to say about it.

“This is a very quiet LP, based on recordings made 1-5 January 1989, three C60 cassettes of guitar and synthesiser through a loop/delay box.

In February this year, I was sending WAV files of my 1977-89 works to the German Record Company Vinyl On Demand, re a vinyl box set due in 2022.

From my diary, “one particular cassette (or rather three), recorded in 1989, of looped guitars & synths, got me thinking and I ended up doing long ambient mixes of the six excerpts I have of those”

I put them to one side and then, in August, on stumbling across them again, I realised that some of the material I’d put together in February, when treating the 1989 tapes, might be used for a new LP.

I compiled 35 minutes of ambience using the opening edits of the six pieces. But I kept finding more short sections in the long works that I thought I could use and so, in the end, twenty six new, relatively short, pieces were created.

The first six ended up being the closing six on the LP – I decided to move them due to their particularly long fade ins, so that, in the context of the whole album, they would be heard post the listener’s attunement to the overall “lack of much happening”

Indeed, many pieces appear to have absolutely nothing going on but far off drones but close listening reveals the almost imperceptible changes created during the treatment process. Of course, others have more obvious elements of change going on too.”

The LP is available from 8am on the Cloudland Blue Quartet Bandcamp Page, free to stream and on a name your price basis to download.  Downloaders receive a bonus bundle of the six full tracks, each lasting between 48 and 54 minutes, from which the 26 tracks on the main LP are taken.


Diverging, Vehicles (More Than Flesh Pt II) 4:53
Everything, Looks (And Blood Can Bare Pt II) 5:05
Mobile, Version (To Be As Sovereign Pt II) 5:24
Releasing, Culture (Over Transmuted Ill Pt II) 4:30
Cruel, Working (Like Patience on a Monument Pt II) 2:56
Picture, Frames (Smiling at Grief Pt II) 4:55
Largely, Suspect (More Than Flesh Pt III) 3:04
On, Arrival (To Be As Sovereign Pt III) 5:48
Her, Favourite (Over Transmuted Ill Pt III) 6:48
Talking, Books (Like Patience on a Monument Pt III) 4:49
Clever, Lateral (Smiling at Grief Pt III) 5:38
Same, Room (More Than Flesh Pt IV) 4:22
Some, Letters (To Be As Sovereign Pt IV) 5:35
Write, Code (Over Transmuted Ill Pt IV) 4:21
New, Criterion (Like Patience on a Monument Pt IV) 4:32
Really, Crisp (Smiling at Grief Pt IV) 3:42
Ever, Increasing (To Be As Sovereign Pt V) 7:05
These, Things (Like Patience on a Monument Pt V) 3:07
Freezing, Cold (Smiling at Grief Pt V) 5:49
Wrong, Side (Like Patience on a Monument Pt VI) 4:23
Cold, Clear (More Than Flesh Pt I) 6:34
Heavy, Paper (And Blood Can Bear Pt I) 5:05
Cold, Bright (To Be As Sovereign Pt I) 4:02
Strong, Low (Over Transmuted Ill Pt I) 9:01
It, Transpires (Like Patience on a Monument Pt I) 6:18
Short, Sleep (Smiling At Grief Pt I) 6:56