12/03/2021 David

Fifth volume of CBQ’s “Disquietmusik” released today

Recorded just two days ago, late on Wednesday night, with treatment and production taking place early yesterday morning, the fifth in the guitarscapes/Frippertronics series “Disquietmusik” is released today on Bandcamp.

The five track album has a duration of around 40 minutes but, for those who download, there’s a further 3.5 hours of bonuses, comprising three alternative versions of the album, reversed, 16 RPM and 16RPM reversed, each of which puts a unique slant on the material.

Also today, reversed, 16 RPM and 16RPM reversed versions were added to the original “Disquietmusik” LP from 2017 and to “Disquietmusik II” originally released the following year.

Over the five volumes so far, CBQ has now released around thirty hours of these excellent improvisations and the various treatments thereof.

We’re already looking forward to “Disquietmusik VI” towards the end of 2022.