11/20/2021 David

Five new projects are underway

Following the release of his two Brian Eno projects in October and November, there now look to be at least a further five new projects being lined up for possible future release.

Firstly, the fifth in the “Disquietmusik” Frippertronics series is set for early December and should be followed at the end of the year by a compilation of previously unreleased 2021 recordings.

In addition to those, a classical series project on the music of Wagner appears to be underway.

A third “variations” series release, based on Lou Reed’s “Metal Machine Music” was unveiled in today’s podcast, as was a swift set, “The Uncertainty Touch”, based around the opening of The Cheeky Girls’ biggest hit single (but which thankfully, sounds nothing like The Cheeky Girls).

This last item, 50 minutes, recorded on 19 November, has been made available on a limited basis as a free MP3 download until 26 November here (“The Uncertainty Touch” – Free MP3 Download)

It’s all go at Crispycat recordings!