Disquietmusik IV, Cloudland Blue Quartet

Released 4 December 2020


Guitar, cover (“Mooslahnerkopf, Königssee (Detail)” 16 September 2020) by David Reilly

Produced by David Reilly for Crispycat Recordings

Executive Producer, Anne Reilly


22 November 2020 at Crispycat Studio, Edinburgh, UK

Bonus Material

Download only

Three alternative versions of the original album, over the equivalent of a further 5 CDs.

Tracks 7-12 “Disquietmusik IV (Reversed)” (56:37) (1 CD)

Tracks 13-18 “Disquietmusik IV (16 RPM)” (1:58:00) (2 CDs)

Tracks 19-24 “Disquietmusik IV (16 RPM) (Reversed)” (1:58:00) (2 CDs)

2020 Crispycat Recordings

© 2020 David Reilly

Cloudland Blue Quartet
Disquietmusik IV

The fourth in an annual series of Guitarscapes albums from Cloudland Blue Quartet, following on from the successes of “Disquietmusik” in 2017, “Disquietmusik II” in 2018 and “Disquietmusik III” in 2019.

The album has a duration of just under an hour, while the download-only version includes around a further five hours of bonus material, comprising three alternative versions, “Disquietmusik IV (Reversed)”, “Disquietmusik IV (16 RPM)” and “Disquietmusik IV (16 RPM) (Reversed)”.