Schoenberg Webern Berg, Cloudland Blue Quartet

Released 5 March 2021


Schoenberg Webern Berg is the 25th soundscapes album from Cloudland Blue Quartet (Crispycat 2102 – 5 March 2021).

Composed by David Reilly after Arnold Schoenberg, Anton Webern and Alban Berg.

Samples, treatments, editing, sound manipulation, cover (“Schoenberg Berg Webern” 11 February 2021) and field recordings by David Reilly.

Produced by David Reilly for Crispycat Recordings

Executive Producer, Anne Reilly


Recorded at Crispycat Studio, Edinburgh, UK, 11, 12, 16 and 18 February 2021.

Bonus Material

Download only

For those who choose to download the album, there are five bonus tracks with a combined running time of 73:20.

Schoenberg Webern Berg (Seligenstadt Mix) 24:17
Schoenberg Webern Berg (Slow Mix) Pt I 5:54
Schoenberg Webern Berg (Slow Mix) Pt II 9:58
Schoenberg Webern Berg (Slow Mix) Pt III 8:53
Schoenberg Webern Berg (Seligenstadt Percussion Mix) 24:21

Samples, treatments, sound manipulation by David Reilly
Percussion on Seligenstadt Percussion Mix by David Haller & Jeremy Davis

2021 Crispycat Recordings

© 2021 David Reilly

Cloudland Blue Quartet
Schoenberg Webern Berg

I was listening to a disc of Schoenberg’s piano music in early February and it occurred to me that the next recording in my “composer” series, following on from “Satie”, “Cage” and “Beethoven”, could be based on the Second Viennese School.

So, I set about compiling pieces I might use by each of the three composers involved, Arnold Schoenberg and his pupils, Anton Webern and Alban Berg, concentrating on slow movements, with the emphasis on solo piano pieces and string quartet works.

Each of the new works created for this album combines simultaneous multiple performances which have been edited, treated and manipulated to produce new, original pieces which contain the “DNA”, so to speak, of each composer’s work. Field recordings, also treated and manipulated, are present on each track, in some cases more noticeably than in others.

If this were to be available in physical form, it’d be a 2CD set – including a second, bonus disc, only available on download.

The extra works are based on treatments, edits and manipulation of a combination of the nine works on the main album – hence the titles “Schoenberg Webern Berg”, plus further field recordings, made in Seligenstadt in Germany in 2019 and, on the final track, percussion “found” online.

I hope you enjoy listening to these pieces as much as I did creating them.