Silversounds 1996​-​2021 (Remixes), Cloudland Blue Quartet

Released 4 June 2021


All instruments, treatments, sounds and design by David Reilly, except
Stuart Cobley: Keyboards on “Solar Radiation”
Peri Urban: Atmospheres, Synthesisers, Environments on “The Eternal Optimist”
Norman Lamont: Source Guitars, Synthesisers, Sounds on “The Eternal Optimist”
Christopher Andreas: Soundscapes, Treatments on “Tigris, Birds and Radio”

Produced by David Reilly for Crispycat Recordings

Executive Producer, Anne Reilly


Recorded at Crispycat Studios Edinburgh, 14, 15, 16 April 2021. Original pieces recorded 10 June 1996 to 8 March 2021.

Written By

All original pieces composed by David Reilly, except
“Solar Radiation” (David Reilly/Stuart Cobley)
“The Eternal Optimist” (David Reilly/Peri Urban/Norman Lamont)
“Tigris, Birds and Radio” (Christopher Andreas/David Reilly)

Bonus Material

The download version of “Silversounds 1996-2021 (Remakes)” contains a further 160 minutes of music comprising all thirty of the soundscape edits used in the creation of the brand new remixes in the collection, only available on download.

2021 Crispycat Recordings

© 2021 David Reilly

Cloudland Blue Quartet
Silversounds 1996 - 2021 (Remixes)

“Silversounds 1996-2021 (Remixes)” is a companion collection to the “Silversongs 1996-2021 (Remakes)” set, also available on Bandcamp, with the two albums being released simultaneously, on the 25th anniversary of the first CBQ release.

The recordings featured on this collection are brand new soundscapes created from edits of original works recorded and released over the last 25 years under the name Cloudland Blue Quartet.