Sparklemusik, Cloudland Blue Quartet

Released 7 May 2021


David Reilly – Vocals, guitars, SFX, drums, field recordings, bass, organ, keyboards, synthesiser, short wave radio, rhythm beds, piano, choir, string quartet, ambience

Edward Spark – Synthesisers, bass, rhythm beds, electronic percussion, piano, very distant piano, lyrical inspiration, interference, SFX, vocal samples (Edward Spark appears only very faintly indeed on “Fallen” and does not appear on “Crack a Smile” or “The Surrender of Barcelona”)

Stuart Cobley – Ambient drone (“We Drove”), aggressive guitar (“Crack a Smile”), guitar (“Underground Like Doug McClure” Trio Rehearsal Versions)

John Weitzen – Drums (“The Surrender of Barcelona”, “Underground Like Doug McClure” Trio Rehearsal Versions)

Kitty Gourlay – Backing vocals (“Break the Ice Around Us”)

Oliver Gourlay – Backing Vocals (“Break the Ice Around Us”)

All guitarscapes sampled from Cloudland Blue Quartet’s “Disquietmusik” series

Cover (“Mr CBQ at the Xmas Party, 19 December 2019″) by David Reilly, based on a photograph by Wendy Sloan

Produced by David Reilly for Crispycat Recordings

Executive Producer, Anne Reilly


Recorded at Crispycat, Edinburgh UK, 20 December 2012 (“Break the Ice Around Us” – although some elements of “We Drove” were coincidentally recorded on 20 December 2008) to 22 April 2021 (“Talk the Talk”)

Bonus Material

Download only

Volume Two (2CDs) : Instrumental Mixes
Tracks 17-32 : 110:02 (52:24 & 57:38)

Volume Three (2CDs) : Alt and Re Mixes
Tracks 33-48 : 104:35 (56:10 & 48:25)

Volume Four (1CD) : 2019 Live Version
Tracks 49-58 : 73:44

Volume Five (2CDs) : Edits Vocal/Instrumental
Tracks 59-82 : 82:00 (40:32 & 41:28)

Volume Six (3CDs) : Demos and Outtakes
Tracks 83-114 : 190:49 (65:33, 73:57 & 51:19)

Written By

“We Drove” David Reilly/Craig Sutherland © 2008
“Break the Ice Around Us” David Reilly/Kitty Gourlay © 2012
“Here Again” David Reilly © 2014
“Fly Across the World” David Reilly © 2016
“How Many Times Must I See This Scene” David Reilly © 2016
“I Have Lost My Spark” Edward Spark/David Reilly © 2017
“Underground Like Doug McClure” David Reilly © 2017
“No Last Tilt” David Reilly/Edward Spark © 2019
“Super 8” David Reilly/Edward Spark © 2019
“The Traffic in the Distance” David Reilly © 2019
“Can I Speak to One of You” David Reilly/Edward Spark © 2019
“Beautiful Thing” David Reilly/Edward Spark © 2019
“Happy is the Way” David Reilly © 2019
“Around the World” Edward Spark/David Reilly © 2019
“Wonderful Out Here” David Reilly © 2019
“The Surrender of Barcelona” David Reilly/John Weitzen © 2020
“Fallen” David Reilly/Edward Spark ©2021
“Crack a Smile” David Reilly/Stuart Cobley © 2021
“Talk the Talk” David Reilly/Edward Spark © 2021

2021 Crispycat Recordings

© 2021 David Reilly

Cloudland Blue Quartet

Since the release of my last song-based LP “Starlightnight”, in August 2012, I’ve been concentrating on soundscape releases and am now, probably, better known for those LPs, than the nine, song-based records, I released from 1997 to 2012, all of which are still available here.

But now, at last, these are the sixteen songs of “Sparklemusik”, the follow up to “Starlightnight”.