09/23/2021 David

New projects underway, including variations on Eno’s “Thursday Afternoon”

Over the last couple of weeks, by way of both his online diary and his Twitter feed, David has revealed a number of new projects he’s working on, which include a new song, possibly to be played by Capital Models, new versions of the Capital Models’ original catalogue from 1979/80, new trio music with Edward Spark and Tim Webb and, as of today, a possible new CBQ album for October, based on Brian Eno’s 61 minute, 1985 ambient release, “Thursday Afternoon”.

David has previously recorded a 30 minute version of this back in 1997, featuring a sky saw guitar solo, which was briefly available on the album “Flitterkram: The Music of Fripp & Eno”, which also included covers of “Evening Star”, “Swastika Girls” and “Discreet Music”…

An initial version of the artwork was posted on Twitter today along with a note that work was underway.