23/10/2021 David

New things which may be happening

Based on what David’s been writing in his blog “Cloudland Blue : A Diary” recently and saying in his “Cloudland Blue Eclectic Selection” podcasts, there are at least three new CBQ albums in the offing.

These are, the second of his Brian Eno variations, “Music For Airports”, which appears to be ready for release, a sixth album in his “classical” series, “Wagner”, currently a work in progress and the about to be recorded fifth in his “Disquietmusik” guitarscape/Frippertronics series, “Disquietmusik V”.

In addition to this, a live outing for Capital Models is mooted for late November, with rehearsals in full swing.  A date has not yet been confirmed.

Finally, he has been working on further CBQ remixes of Edward Spark’s pieces “The Curse” and “Whatmoved”, the releases or otherwise of which, will be up to Mr Spark to decide.

Watch this space…