08/17/2021 David

Return of Creek (pt 342)

Electronic Improvisational Quartet Creek are back.

Kind of.

There are plans at Crispycat Recordings to finally release all archive material recorded by the group between 1997 and 2018.

This comprises 3 unreleased LPs, two unreleased compilations (one 2CD set and one 4CD set) and a further 27 individual sessions, improvised between June 1997 and June 2005.

Creek have only ever released one record, “Somewhere Between”, in 2004 and, since their formation, in the summer of 1997, have had long periods of inactivity while still, nominally, remaining in existence.

But all four members, David, Edward Spark, Stu Cobley and Count Brodski are currently discussing the band’s return.

You can listen to “Somewhere Between” over on the music page (which includes a link to the group’s Bandcamp page re downloading).