11/05/2021 David

Second Brian Eno Themed Album Released

CBQ’s “Variation on Brian Eno’s “Music For Airports”” is out now!

Like last month’s companion LP, “Variation on Brian Eno’s “Thursday Afternoon””, it stems from a chance conversation re “the 1st 3 CDs you bought”.

And, like its companion, this almost simultaneously recorded piece is based on replica loops of phrases used by Eno in his original work.

Piano & choir phrases used on “2/1” and “1/2” from his seminal ambient album “Music For Airports” from 1978, are set out in chance formations, along with a new CBQ guitarscape, created by the treatment and manipulation of three pieces from the “Disquietmusik” Frippertronics series.

The three elements are combined to form a new 80 minute variation of “Music For Airports”, available to stream for free or to download on a Name Your Price basis.

Bonuses for downloaders comprise the three separate 80 minute elements:-
“Smiling Reservoir Crucifixion (Guitarscape)”
“Music For Airports Choir Variation”
“Music For Airports Solo Piano”